Backyard Birding in Your Garden

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Backyard Birding in Your Garden

When most people think of bird watching, images of tropical forests and hours of looking through binoculars come to mind. However, you don’t have to live in any special climate or have specific equipment in order to enjoy bird watching. In fact, outdoor backyard birding has become a very popular hobby and for good reason, too. It is entertaining, relaxing, fulfilling, and beneficial for both you and the environment. Keep reading on and we’ll tell you more about how you can start backyard birding in your garden.

Benefits of Backyard Birding in Your Garden

Besides the obvious facts of not having to leave your own yard, outdoor backyard birding in your garden boasts many benefits. The first revolves around personal fulfillment. Bird watching in your backyard is entertaining. Each species of birds has different characteristics and habits. As a lot of different birds start to visit your feeding areas, you’ll start to notice their various personalities. Some like to squabble during feeding time while others will sit and patiently wait for their turn.

Another benefit is for your garden. When you provide food, water, and a little bit of safety from predators, birds will flock to your haven. Even though they love seeds and fruits, birds will abandon it in a second for a juicy insect snack. That’s why having a lot of birds around your garden acts as a natural pesticide.
Since a lot of their natural habitat has been stripped away to make room for development, providing these resources also benefits birds. While the birds will bring you entertainment and free pest control, you’ll also be offering them a place to eat, drink, and rest safely.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Now that you know all of the benefits of outdoor backyard birding, the next step is attracting the birds to your garden. Thankfully, this is actually much easier than you might think! The main things birds are looking for are food, water, and shelter/safety from predators. For the best results, you should provide a mixture of all three in your backyard.

Attracting birds to your garden using…
• Food
The best way to attract birds to your garden with food is by using birdseed and a bird feeder that hangs from a post, pole, or tree branch. If you don’t have a place to hang a feeder, you can also get a mounted bird feeder or a window bird feeder.

• Water
Just like us, birds need as much water as they do food. The best way to provide water for them is through a birdbath. As the name implies, birds will also use this space to rustle around in the water to get themselves clean. This adds to the entertainment we spoke of earlier.
• Shelter
To provide safety and shelter for your bird friends, we recommend using a birdhouse. There are many different birdhouses to choose from. Some also double as bird feeders, too. Popular choices include birdhouses you can mount on the side of a tree or on a pole, as well as freestanding birdhouses you can place around your backyard.

Get to Know the Birds Around Your Backyard

Backyard birding is a very fulfilling and entertaining hobby. You’ll soon realize that you’re getting to know the birds around your backyard and recognize their habits and behaviors. You’ll also be helping out the bird population and in return, they’ll help keep your garden free of pests the natural way. Shop at to find the right selection of Backyard Birding. Soon you will see many beautiful wild birds in your backyard and realized how much of an impact you are making on their lives.